Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grocery shopping into adulthood

My iPad is super cool however, it is not the best for blogging. lame. Anyway for all four of the people reading this blog, I am soRry that I haven't been very good about posting. I know you all check it daily... Emily ... :)

(eye break)

Very important
Updates on my life:

John Adams teacher orientation starts august 1st
School starts august 22nd
I've past the 100 hundredth book mark on my kindle
I moved to Roseville with some awesome roommates
I am growing my hair out again
I bought an iPad. It's groovy
I started running (don't count on this lasting long. So far I've gone 3 times)
Also there's this boy...

Recently I went to the grocery store to get, you know, some groceries, and I happened to run into some friends. Specifically candice's aunts and cousin. The first thing Carolyn said when she saw me was, "look at you, all grown up and grocery shopping!"

Carolyn is right. I am grown up. I mean, obviously I've done a lot of grocery shopping. In fact I think I went twice last week because I forgot to get eggs the first time. I hadn't really thought of grocery shopping as a barometer of maturity before. I think grocery shopping is kind of mundane, takes thought and organization, and can be done poorly if not well planned. So ya. It is kind of like adulthood. Now considering I went to the grocery store to buy eggs but came home with not only that but hot sauce, cheese, a pack of gum and a box of Oreos; I don't think I did so well. I really could have done fine with out those things. Well, except the eggs. And, I don't even really like chocolate Oreos. I hope... Well never mind...


  1. I didn't get a shout out, but I guess I don't check as obsessivly as Emily. I would like a shout out for forcing you to get a blog that you never write on. Additionally, I would like to see the follow blog entries by you:

    You're my human google when it comes to history facts,
    Your boy,
    How your new roommates are almost, but not nearly as cool as your old roommates,
    Fashion blog
    Places that you will visit before the year is over (Rexburg)
    and how cute you think my child is. You can add Mackenzie's children in there too.

    I expect all these blogs to be done before your teacher orientation on August 1.