Monday, February 14, 2011

Miracle Report!!

I am so grateful to know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. I have learned from such amazing experience that the Lord guides us to be in the right place at the right time so he can bless us. I know at times I feel like I don't understand why things have to happen the way they do but I try and have faith to remember that the Lord's perspective is eternal and trust in him. Lately more than ever, this has been evident in my life.

Wow, I cannot believe how incredibly blessed I am!! Just a few short weeks ago, I was planning on going into the peace corps and I was soooo excited! When, I found out I couldn't go, I was kind of devastated. That was my plan for the next two years and without it, I was feeling really lost. I'm the type of person that thrives on goals. I love having something to work towards. It makes me feel like I'm progressing and I want to always feel that way. After finding out I wasn't going to be leaving for the Peace Corps, I felt goal less and purposeless. I don't like feeling that way. Luckily Heavenly Father has been very mindful of me and my situation. I cannot even begin to tell you have blessed my life is. Just 2 days after making the painful decision about the peace corps, I got called to interview for a history teaching job for the new school year in fall 2011. Substitute teaching started to pick up, and I started getting jobs everyday instead of just 2-3 a week. Then I found out that I got the job I interviewed for which is such a huge deal! I feel so blessed and excited to be able to start teaching full time again in my very own classroom! I started making plans for the future and looking to move out into a place I could afford on my limited subbing budget. A very good friend of mine found a job posting for a permanent history sub job which I applied and interviewed for. Just this last week I found out that I got the job! Even now I can't believe it. It is such a miracle. I will be teaching full time in my very own classroom starting Wednesday! As in 2 days from now! I don't even have to wait till the new school year! Now I am moving in with a group of beautiful roommates who I could not be more excited to live with! Life is never perfect but I know that if we simply focus on the positive things and strive to recognizes the tender mercies of the Lord in our life, we can be happy.

I'm so excited I can't even think straight which is a problem because I'm supposed to be writing lesson plans right now... Holy cow! I can't believe I get my own classroom in 2 days!!


  1. I'm super excited for you even though I really wanted you to move here. Plus, it's good that you already went on a mission. Now, for sure, you won't have any students that are older than you. If you do, gross. But if you have any 19 year olds in any of your classes, just think about your parents and their age difference! Love them!

  2. See how things come together. The blessings have just started....