Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peter Pan

I love my Kindle. I cannot remember what life was like without it. Its pretty much the greatest advancement in my life since learning to read. Its a big deal. Kindle, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
1. You're adorable
2. I can carry you with me EVERYWHERE
3. You allow me to have access to the Constitution wherever and whenever I may need it. (which is often)
4. You have lots of free books
5. You are simultaneously tiny and yet expansive
6. You have a dictionary
7. You have travel scrabble
8. You are mine

I could go on. In short, I am in love. I am sure the kindle will be a topic of conversation in future blogs because it has had and will continue to have a profound impact on my life. One of the coolest things about the kindle is that I can download thousands of books for free. Many of these books are ones I have been interested in but have not read because I have a. Been too lazy to go to the library to borrowit or b. been too cheap to purchase it. The Kindle is without a doubt flawless but, it has created a complex situation in my abundantly flawed life. I am currently in the middle of about 23-37 books. That seriously is only a slight exaggeration. Everytime I start a book, I think to myself, "how many othere books are there waiting to be downloaded for free that I don't even know about?" This prompts me to begin a search which unfailingly results in 2-5 new books being downloaded. Of course I get excited about the new books and begin reading one of them which inevitably results in repetition of the whole process. Because of this, I have only succesfully completed 2 books in the few short weeks I have owned my Kindle even though I have spent hundreds of hours reading on it.

The 2 books I have been able to read all the way through are: The importance of being Earnest (which is actually a play) and Peter Pan. I had read The importance of being Earnest before but had forgotten how incredibly hilarious it was. If you haven't read it, you totally need too! Its soooo funny! I laughed out loud through the whole thing. Oscar Wilde's writing is incredibly flamboyant and I love it. Peter Pan, was a book I had never read before. I have wanted to read it for a long time and I am soooo glad I did. It is fantastic!

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Remember the crazy things you used to think up when playing with dolls our just making up games outside with friends? It was so much fun! I miss those days. Reading Peter Pan, is like reliving those days. JM Barrie does an incredible job of expressing exactly the mind and imagination of a child. He has such a whimsical way of describing things that when I picture it in my mind it makes me giggle. Heres one example,

Stars are beautiful, but they may not take an active part in anything, they must just look on for ever. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was. So the older ones have become glassy-eyed and seldom speak (winking is the star language), but the little ones still wonder. They are not really friendly to Peter, who had a mischievous way of stealing up behind them and trying to blow them out; but they are so fond of fun that they were on his side to-night, and anxious to get the grown-ups out of the way. So as soon as the door of 27 closed on Mr. and Mrs. Darling there was a commotion in the firmament, and the smallest of all the stars in the Milky Way screamed out:

"Now, Peter!"

If you haven't read this book, you are no better than Captain Hook himself! Bad Form! No go out and read it!

PS if you're not lucky enough to have a kindle, stop being lazy and go get it from the library!


  1. Kate, this is HILARIOUS! Plus, I am totally jealous that you can look at the US Constitution whenever you want!

  2. That's awesome. I knew you had feeling for the kindle but I had no idea how deep this love went! lol