Monday, January 17, 2011

Letters from my house in Auburn, CA

Dear Martin Luther King Jr.

I think you are wonderful. Really I do! Your letters from a Birmingham Jail, inspire me to be a better person. You seem like a really hard working person who understood the importance of a good education. Why then sir, must we miss school on a day mean to honor you and therefore prevent me from subbing? That is all. Thank you.

Katie Roskelley

PS. Anyone reading this should probably go read Letters from a Birmingham Jail. AMAZING


  1. And by anyone I mean Melinda and Candice... haha too bad no one else reads this.

  2. last thing...

    We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. -- Martin Luther King Jr. "Letters from a Birmingham Jail"

    Very inspiring.

  3. Word on the street is that Martin Luther King Jr was an adulterer (is that how you spell it)? That isn't why it is going to keep me from reading the jail letters; I'm just not interested. Love the post though. Only you would write a letter to some important history person.

  4. also your blog is super cute. seriously love the background

  5. Ya Martin Luther King was kind of a socialist too which in my book is just as bad as being a philanderer. Nobody is perfect though and its easier to look over some flaws when you consider the world of good he did and the influence he has had on future generations.

    Also, yay now I know at least 3 people read my blog!!

  6. My sister reads it too. Make that 4 people.

  7. ya as I was reading this blog I seem to recall your feelings for MLK that weren't as flattering as what you have just said. in fact didn't you offend and albino black guy with your views? lol. anyway I do like him dispite his socialistic ways and I will read these letters... maybe tomorrow... I never heard about the adultery thing. boo. also, as an adult i totally agree that honoring great people by taking a day off school is kinda dumb. my teenage self would not have agreed with that statement however.

  8. also i need to show you how to make the words link to a website so I could just click on the words birmingham letters and it would take me to that website. it is really the only way people will ever bother looking at the thing you want them to. haha

  9. honestly, the albino black guy experience made me rethink my views on MLK. It was kind of a traumatic experience!

    Also yes! That would be awesome if you could teach me how to use the internet. I am seriously technologically handicapped :(